PPG Refinish Notification
U.S. Collision Terms Change - Effective June 3, 2024

April 2, 2024

PPG U.S. Automotive Refinish Distributors,
Effective June 3, 2024, all order invoices will change to a business standard due date of 30-days from invoice. The new standard will offer several benefits. Besides the simpler calendar, and payment-due timeline resulting in ease of ordering, there will be a reduction in the number of invoices for truckload installment orders.  This change will better align transactions for smoother operations. Please see details below:
Regular Orders:
Staying Changing
Standard Orders - Constant Standard Orders - Future
A 2% prompt pay discount will still be honored when the amount due is paid on time and in full.  Instead of being due the 10TH, 20TH, or 25th, once processed, invoices will be due in 30 days. 
This change will also expand to truckload orders. We ask you to declare your preferred terms upfront at the time of ordering, “installment payments” due at 30-day intervals after invoice (30, 60, 90, up to 120), or “15-Day cash” terms. Installment payment terms will still maintain the 2% prompt pay discount. 15-day cash terms will need to be declared at time of ordering to qualify for the early pay discount, otherwise truckload orders will be processed as installment terms.    
Truckload Orders:
Staying Changing
Installments - Constant Installments - Future
Depending on the total dollar threshold reached, Truckloads taking the installment terms will still receive up 4-payments. A 2% prompt pay discount will still be honored when the amount due is met and paid on time. This does not affect the number of splits by combining totals to reach the dollar thresholds. Invoices will no longer be split into 3-categories (collision, commercial, and sundries), instead these will be on 1-combined invoice. All items will be in alpha numeric order and will reflect the packing slip. Orders will be invoiced with a minimum 30-day due date from invoice. Amount of payment cannot be changed to benefit from the “Cash Terms” discount, this must be declared at the time of ordering, prior to fulfilment, shipping, and invoicing.
Cash Payment - Constant Cash Payment - Future
Invoices will still receive the appropriate discount (based on the threshold reached) when paid on time and full within 15-days of invoice. There will be no change to the existing invoice structure, still 3-invoices (unlike the installment terms). This does not affect the number of splits combining totals to reach the dollar thresholds. Must be declared when the order is placed, prior to processing and shipping to qualify for the early pay discount.  Due to the billing structure; invoices will not be combined into one and instead still be separated between 3 categories:  collision, commercial, and sundries.
Please see the FAQ Document regarding more detailed information about this change (includes samples of the new invoice).
We understand this will be a significant change to payment due dates and appreciate your understanding. If you have any questions about this change, please contact your PPG Sales Representative.

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