Vibrance Collection Tools

The Vibrance Collection® series of colors and effects.

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind color that will make your prized possession stand out from the pack, take advantage of the color selectors available for Vibrance Collection® custom finishes from PPG.

Charley Hutton Ridler Color Collection Card

Charley Hutton Color Collection

With chips sprayed in 15 famous colors, this card showcases the Charley Hutton Color Collection—helping you select an award-winning color for your ride.

The Charley Hutton color card (VBCS468) can be ordered from your local PPG distributor.

Crystallance Glass Flake Collection

Crystallance® Glass Flake Collection

This new color card includes the six glass flake pigments and 19 pre-formulated colors, providing a visual display of the color effect capability of the Crystallance® pigments.

The Crystallance® brand color card (VBCS467) can be ordered from your local PPG distributor.

Ditzler Big Flake Color Card

Ditzler® Big Flake™ Color Card

This color card features 13 chips displaying all of the Ditzler® Big Flake™ color effects together, with examples of how to achieve a cool retro metallic effect.

The Ditzler® Big Flake™ brand color card (VBCS466) can be ordered from your local PPG distributor.

Vibrance Collection Custom Color Deck

Custom Color Deck

This unique deck of large-sized custom chips fans wide to show 200 hot colors and hues, ranging from candy colors to Crystal Pearl™ sparkling hues that dazzle.

The Vibrance Collection® Custom Color Deck (DOX 442) can be ordered from your local PPG distributor.

Vibrance Collection Color Card Binder

Color Card Binder

These color cards contain color chips covering every Vibrance Collection® custom color line that are available to help you find that special finish. You have the choice of ordering a binder containing the complete set or you can order individual cards.

To order, contact your local PPG distributor.

Part # Description
DOX600 Binder and complete set of color cards

Individual color cards can be ordered separately for the following brands and color families:

Part # Color Card Description
VBCS462 Luminescence® II
VBCS464 Crystal Pearl™
VBCS465 Starfire™
VBCS466 Ditzler® Big Flake™
VBCS467 Crystallance®
VBCS468 Charley Hutton Color Collection
VBCS469 Prizmatique®
VBCS470 Flamboyance®
VBCS471 Street Sweets®
VBCS472 Ditzler® Classics
VBCS473 Murano Pearls
DOX409 Harlequin®
DOX412 Soft & Subtle
DOX413 Hot Licks
DOX414 Dark & Dramatic
DOX417 Street Silks
DOX460-1 Radiance® II with Crystal Pearl™
DOX460-2 Radiance® II – Blue, Violet & Fuschia
DOX460-3 Radiance® II – Red, Orange, Yellow & Green